5 Ways to Build Success

We are never that far away from success.

Once we have landed on an idea of what we want and take off running towards it, it's hard to fathom how anything can get in our way! But, what do we do to prevent this from happening? Being stubborn is not enough to ensure we succeed...

Bound By Boundaries

There is a lot of back and forth with boundaries, oddly enough this topic looks an awful lot like a yoyo, one I see a lot of people stuck in.

When asking people what the purpose of boundaries are, I notice a trend in it being an outward projection of how people want others to behave instead of how they want to evoke personal change.
On top of that, at what point do they stop being boundaries...

Our Biggest Cop Outs

I found that this past month there was a trend of people defaulting to a lack of understanding or knowledge about the situations they find themselves in.

So I decided to look deeper into the abyss of this unknowingness to find out what we can do about bringing more awareness to our situations Sparks the question...

Unveil Your Ego

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to ego, so much so that there is this unforeseen limit on how much pride we are allowed to feel about our accomplishments before we risk being egotistical.

Where is the boundary?
I have looked around for the rules pertaining to ego. I mean, I know it's bad and all...

Seeing The Best In Things

Who hasn't heard the word "potential" somewhere in a sentence with their own name? I use to hear it from teachers, at parent teacher interviews:
"She is doing great but easily distracted, I'm just not sure if she is working to her full potential"...

The Upside To Failure

Sounds pretty final doesn't it? It feels like someone is saying it your a terrible, unloveable person.
We have been taught that to be success means to achieve or win, and that in the world of success there is no room for failure...

The Truth About Disappointment

How many of us have said, or heard the phrase “I am so disappointed in you." No matter which way that phrase presents itself, it cuts a deep wound in one's soul. Or at least it can feel that way. Sparks the question; what side of the fence is it better to be on when it comes to disappointment? Is it easier to be...

Positive Goal Setting

It is hard to imagine that there is anything other then positive goals.
As we start a new year we are either filled with hope that this new year will bring us one step closer to our dreams, or we are passive as every year seems to be the same. This is a special edition of the news letter...

Alignment, Are you in it?

This can be a really tough topic, as there are many misconceptions as to what it means to be "In Alignment." It is easy to notice the challenges that being aligned with ones self can bring. While looking at alignment and how it fits with the human ego, in conjunction with the natural laws that govern our world, I came to a very fundamental conclusion about alignment, what it is, what is means, how it helps us and how it hinders. A deeper look at Alignment, the myths, and the facts are discussed in this months issue of

What is Self Sabotage

There is a duality to everything in life.
We can not have light withour dark, we can not have up with our down, we can not have left without right. There is always a duality, it creates balance and provides us with the gift that once we grant a purpose to something,
(deciding what is up)
there is an instant and
immediate counter side created.