Alignment, Are you in it?


This can be a really tough topic, as there are many misconceptions as to what it means to be "In Alignment." It is easy to notice the challenges that being aligned with one's self can bring. While looking at alignment and how it fits with the human ego, in conjunction with the natural laws that govern our world, I came to a very fundamental conclusion about alignment, what it is, what is means, how it helps us and how it hinders. A deeper look at Alignment, the myths, and the facts are discussed in this months issue of
~ “Living Large”

Recognizing When you're in Alignment, and when you're not.

When it comes to living in alignment we can get a bit lost, or overtime, completely lose sight of exactly what we want to be aligned with. As day to day life gets the better of us, it is easy to fluctuate from one end of the alignment pole to the other. Shifting from "in alignment" to "out of alignment" often happens really fast, and has many variables.

1-When we are In Alignment

Living in alignment isn't easy, it takes a lot of focus and confidence. When we are living in alignment we understand words like; integrity, self-worth, passion, belief, and trust. A person who is aligned with themselves is hard not to notice, they carry themselves with such a breath of fresh air it can be inspiring. Often we gravitate to these people in hopes to discover their secret.

2-When we are Out of Alignment

Living out of alignment is probably easier, but the trade off gets us acquainted with words like; unfulfilled, envious, unsure, skeptical, and untrusting. When we are out of alignment we tend to not trust ourselves, and leave many big decisions in the hands of others as we fear we'd make the wrong decisions. And, often the decisions we do make are to please others, as gaining the acceptance of others is a quick bandaid to the "living out of alignment" issue.

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