Our Biggest Cop Outs


I found that this past month there was a trend of people defaulting to a lack of understanding or knowledge about the situations they find themselves in.

So I decided to look deeper into the abyss of this unknowingness to find out what we can do about bringing more awareness to our situations.

We want things to be easy so it is understandable why claiming ignorance inside of our situations is effective. But for how long?

How much of what we resent about these things that "we didn't know" is actually just us reacting to the fact we didn't take care of it previously?

Are we forced into making a tough choice? Or are we being held accountable for not making the tough call in the first place? 'Our biggest cop outs' is this months - Living Large.

Recognizing: The Evolution of Tough Choices
People do not like confrontation. It is not part of what makes us successful as a species, although confrontation is a popular 'go-to' when we feel we are losing control over a situation. It is only when we have, literally, had enough do we create change in our lives. Here is how we deal with tough decisions:

1- Our Need to Be Right:

No one likes to be wrong, it's even harder to be wrong about something when you're up against someone else who doesn't like to be wrong. As fun as being stubborn is, it really doesn't work for successful decision making. When our need to be right prevents us from making a decision not only do we end up suffering, but so do those around us. The only reason why we do this is a lack of confidence in the decision. We'd rather suffer than make a decision we would regret later and wait for the other person to draw the hard line, that way our hands are clean.

2- Our Need to Control:

This kind of decision making is lacking power as well. From this space, we take over and without rationale, we make a decision which is usually in spite of someone else. There are feelings that creep in such as: "Why do I always have to be the bad guy?" or "Why do I always have to be the one to deal with this?" or something along those lines. We usually end up making a decision that is nonproductive in an attempt to not be put in those positions, giving us an opportunity to say "Well, if you didn't always make me decide..."