Positive Goal Setting


Positive Goal Setting?

It is hard to imagine that there are anything other than positive goals.
As we start a new year we are either filled with hope that this new year will bring us one step closer to our dreams, or we are passive as every year seems to be the same.

This is a special edition of the newsletter. It's the start of a whole new year! Hopefully, that means more than just changing a couple of numbers when writing the date.
Those of us who do not make resolutions, despite our feelings about "New Years Resolutions", inside we do make them in secret, even if it is as much as "This year will be better than last year!" With the right tools, it will be.

At one time or another when confronted with the start of a whole new year, we don't want to create new years resolutions, as we believe it is nothing more than setting ourselves up for disappointment. Well... the funny thing is, if that's how you think, there is a good chance that's how it will happen.

In this month's "Living Large" we will talk about how to set realistic goals, how to face challenges in 2014, and what our goals can tell us about ourselves.

Recognizing the goals that set us up for a win, from goals that don't.

New Years Resolutions should not be daunting. It can be a lot of fun to look at a whole new year with the idea that anything is possible. There is a method to setting goals, and depending on how "in alignment" we are with ourselves will result in the types of goals we set, and how we respond to the accomplishments and challenges.

1-The far-sighted goal setter:

The idea of "shoot for the the stars and you'll hit the moon" is understood that "the stars" is part of a much bigger plan. Their ultimate vision year after year is "the stars". With every year they set goals for what they want to accomplish on the way to the stars. They understand that they won't get there overnight, but are willing to take the time to inch their way towards their goals, with progress coming each time. They set goals that are challenging enough to keep them focused, but not out of reach and unattainable.

2-The short sighted goal setter:

The same idea "shoot for the stars and you'll hit the moon" takes on a whole new meaning. This group aims so high with no regard for all the space in-between where they currently stand and "the stars". These people usually set goals to please others. They end up setting the bar so high before learning how to jump, they miss the bar almost all the time. Often they are left feeling unaccomplished, which validates they don't deserve to achieve the goals they are setting. This lack of understanding around goal setting eventually results in fear towards setting goals altogether. In their opinion, "shoot for the stars" is what other people do.