What Is Self Sabotage


There is a duality to everything in life.
We can not have light without dark, we can not have up with our down, we can not have left without right. There is always a duality, it creates balance and provides us with the gift that once we grant a purpose to something,
(deciding what is up)
there is an instant and
immediate counter side created.

The science behind that is obvious, we can not recognize "down" without the awareness of "up"
both words would be meaningless.
Fact is fact, and as such, it would go against our
fundamental laws of nature to call ourselves our own worst enemy, without also being our own best friend.
In this month's issue, we take an in-depth look at Self Sabotage why it's there, what to do about it, and how self-sabotage is really serving you in your life.

Recognizing Self Sabotage...
Some of us may be very well acquainted with what Self Sabotage is all about. However, it is important to review the criteria and characteristics of Self-Sabotaging behavior. Self Sabotage presents itself in two ways:

1- A Person who always looks for the next "quick fix"

This is a person who tries every diet known to man to lose weight but refuses to actually just go to the gym.
This could also be a person who stays in an unfulfilling relationship, or better yet, goes from one unfulfilling relationship to the next wondering why all the people they date or get involved with treating them poorly
Or, jump from job to job because of its easier to leave a job feeling unappreciated then to speak up and ask for a raise. Or always on about how if it weren't for other people interfering, they would be more "successful."
Their lack of self-worth creates the feeling of being left out and overlooked.

2- A Person who always puts others before themselves no matter what.

This person lets opportunities pass them by as they are likely too afraid to stir the pot, or go after what they really want in life because, well...what if someone else needs it more?
These are usually some of the nicest people in the world.
And aren't they?
(so kind, to not say anything about what they need, as they wouldn't want to hurt your feelings by expressing how they feel. Instead, they can just harbor their idea's of a situation until one day they freak out.)
Very giving, to a fault. They often determine their self-worth by what they can do for people and often end up feeling taken for granted or unappreciated.