In Our Events you will learn:

 Goal Clarity
 Balance in all area's of your life
 Breaking Through Barriers
 How to over come self sabotage
 What the 'Law of Attraction' really is
 How we get into a 'rut'...and how to get out!

Aside from the ideas we have grown accustom to believing about ourselves, there is a limit to what will happen when we are living out of alignment, forcing an adjends, or just plain lost. Here we explore ways to navigate through our limitations to really 'Be Alive In Our Lives'

Live Event~~ Positive Goal Setting December 4th 1pm-4pm

Live Event~~ The Art Of Relationships February 12th 1pm-4pm
Webinar~~ The Art Of Relationships November 13th 7pm-9pm

Live Event~~ The Art Of Communication March 12th 1pm-4pm
Webinar~~ The Art Of Communication march 13th 7pm-9pm

Live Event~~ Principles Of Success April 16th 1pm-4pm
Webinar~~ Principles Of Success April 17th 1pm-4pm

Live Event~~ Foundational 4 May 14th 1pm-4pm
Webinar~~ Foundational 4 May 15th 1pm-4pm