Shannon Hiebert

Shannon Hiebert - Certified Master Coach

Coaching is all about constantly moving forward and overcoming obstacles that are in our way. Pushing our boundaries and achieving the goals we set for ourselves, personally, professionally, and emotionally.

Shannon is a Certified Master Coach. Her coaching is centered around 3 main areas, perception, communication, and strategic planning. She works with people in those areas to encourage them to move forward in a positive direction, while facing the challenges that lie in their road, She helps people navigate their self-limiting beliefs in order to overcome the barriers that are holding them back from understanding the personal strengths they possess that will allow them to drive forward to success. Turning those from something that will hold us back, to what we can use to push us forward.

When you are ready to energize your life at a new level, Shannon is the coach who will help you do that. Recognize personal strengths, overcome life obstacles, enhance confidence and reduce the negative noise; these are all within your grasp and Shannon's coaching will help you achieve those goals.

As a successful business owner, Shannon developed, Live and Learn Seminars, in order to share the journey, experience, and knowledge that she knows will help anyone be successful in their personal and working life. Her desire to share this knowledge of life and business success has led Shannon to become a certified coach, with the hope she can help others to be a success in their own life, on their own terms, right now, in their own way.

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Areas we can start:

  Love and Relationships
  How to set and achieve your Goals
  Career: New Opportunities and Promotion
  Inner Growth and Empowerment Personal Development

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