The Art Of Relationships @ Hotel Blackfoot​


Sunday Feb 25 1pm-4pm


That's a pretty complex word. We all have heard "You can't love anyone until you love yourself". I don't know about you, but I always found this to be so frustrating, especially as I thought I had a pretty good sense of 'self-love'.  So I started thinking, is there some magic formula to make relationships work? Something I am missing about the way relationships work?


Friends, family, co-workers, these are all relationships. They all have some unique characteristics but the foundation for what makes then all work is the same. Come discover what you are missing to get the most out of love, and create relationships that fill your spirit and set you up to win.


  In this workshop, we discuss what it actually takes to create the relationship you want. 

 We look at the hard truth behind relationships what works, and what creates problems.
 You will learn why some people seem to have the perfect relationships and why some people struggle.
 You will learn why you attract certain people, and why you are attracted to certain people.


Admission  $49.95 Click here to reserve your seat